“Very few things and situations have given me the blessing of being able to relate one on one to someone, whom I’ve never met before, and think ‘that could be me,’” she said. “I love that in a lot of cases I get to see the direct effects of something that I do, which helps someone feel better (inside and out).”

Dr. Aida Meza

Physician Owner

Dr. Aida Meza loves being an emergency room physician, and as a doctor at Wylie ER she treats her patients like they are family. Dr. Meza is a wife and a mother of 3-year-old twins so she knows how important it is to have a emergency room with caring staff close to home. In her job, Dr. Meza values the fact she has the opportunity to directly affect people every day.

Dr. Meza believes it is her responsibility to serve and listen closely to her patients. “I feel that patients want to be listened to, know that someone actually cares, and to be treated the way that we would treat our loved ones,” she said. “As physicians, our responsibility is to always remember that and practice from that place of understanding and compassion.”

Next time you have an emergency, remember your Wylie ER family.