Start Healthy HabitsFor many kids, good health can begin with a good routine. Making sure your child gets enough sleep is important, especially when they’re trying to balance homework, after school activities, social time with friends, and household chores. Growing children and teenagers need at least 8 hours of sleep each night, because during sleep is when their bodies do a lot of growing and their body’s internal systems get stronger. Proper sleep will not only make sure that your children are more alert in school, but also keep their immune systems strong to defend against colds and infections throughout the year.Sleep isn’t the only part of a healthy routine that your family will benefit from, though. Making sure you start your day with a well-balanced breakfast is a good way to get your kids alert and energized for a day at school, and making sure their lunch options have fruits and vegetables will boost their body’s immune systems with natural vitamin C.If you worry that your child isn’t getting enough sleep or might be too stressed from their school schedule, then talk with them about their needs. You can even meet with your school’s counselor to discuss what is best for your child and make sure they stay in good health throughout the year.

Getting to School Safely

With a good sleep schedule and a healthy breakfast prepared, the next step for back-to-school safety is making sure your kids have safe methods to get to and from school. Some children might want to walk or ride their bike to school, while others are taking the bus or engaging in a neighborhood carpool. In situations when your child won’t be dropped off or picked up by you directly, it is important to talk with them about street safety.When you child is walking or riding a bike, talk with other parents in your neighborhood about setting up a buddy system. When kids travel together they are safer, and it will be easier for your child to stay away from any strangers and unfamiliar adults who could try to approach them. Similarly, for kids who have to wait at a bus stop, make sure they never wait alone, either by waiting for the bus with them or making sure they are dropped off with other kids at the same stop.

The Right School Equipment

No matter what kind of after school sports and activities your child does, there is one piece of equipment that every student needs—a good backpack! When backpacks don’t fit right or are too heavy with books and materials, they can cause back pain for your children and impact their health. Make sure your kids all have backpacks with wide, padded shoulder straps, and that they fit properly on the shoulders. If your child has trouble carrying their backpack, then talk to them about utilizing their lockers and desks at school. Rolling backpacks can also be good decisions for children who are having trouble with back pain.In addition to a good backpack, children who are on sports and athletic teams will want to make sure they are properly equipped for competition season. Check their shoes for any signs of wear and tear, and make sure that they are still properly sized for any regulation athletic guards and helmets.

Preemptive Flu Shots

When the school year begins, so does flu season. Coming on the heels of the first progress reports will be reports about the in-coming flu season and this year’s vaccine. Some families worry about the flu and whether or not they should get the vaccine for it. With recent years having especially bad flu outbreaks, it is understandable why some parents question when and if they should have their child immunized.While the flu shot changes every year, to defend against rapidly evolving flu viruses, many doctors will consistently recommend getting the new shot. There is no guarantee that a flu shot will prevent someone form getting the flu, but statistics show that flu shots do greatly increase someone’s immunity to the infection.Flu shots can help guard you against the flu virus, but they can also help to shorten the severity and duration of a flu virus. These annual vaccines can shield your child from a harsh flu season, so if you have any questions or concerns about the flu shot, talk with your pediatrician about your child’s health needs. Talk to your primary care physician or pediatrician about getting a flu shot this year. A new school year brings new activities and excitement for the whole family, and with the help of Wylie ER, your school year can start on the right foot. With healthy sleep and eating habits, a safe transportation plan, the right backpack, and maybe even a seasonal flu shot, your child will have all the tools for within their reach. In the case of any household or sports emergencies, Wylie ER is open 24/7 with concierge-level care for adults and children alike.
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